Ramble Guides are designed for the modern explorer; the person who wants to head into the wild with an open mind and an open heart; to ramble through forests and over hills, across streams and beside lakes; and then who wants to visit a cosy cafe with good coffee and homemade cakes, or a pub with craft beers and an open fire.

Ramble is for the person who wants to know where to find the best views to photograph, the most breathtaking roads to drive, the perfect place to catch sunrise and sunset and the most chilled out wild camp or cosy B&B to spend the night.

When the world is at your feet, and as air travel gets simpler and cheaper, it’s easy to overlook the beauty that’s on your own doorstep. The UK has some of the most breathtaking natural spaces, sometimes you just have to know where to look.

Ramble believes in outdoor living; loading a car with boots and bikes, or packing a backpack and hopping on a bus with a tent and sleeping bag. We aspire to get more people outside; dip your toes in streams, swim in wild lakes, hike over hills, through moors and up mountains.

The best way to explore is to get lost, but here’s a little guidance if you need it…


Ramblings from the founder...


"The idea for Ramble came about after a year of travel. When I graduated from university I knew I need to escape for a while, so I packed two pannier bags, loaded a bicycle and spent one month cycling-touring in the USA - in the fiery deserts of Utah and beside the sparkling ocean of the Pacific Coast Highway in California - followed by four months on the road in New Zealand.  I went back to America afterwards, drawn to the forests, mountains and beaches of  California and the Pacific Northwest.

I camped beside the ocean and was woken by sun streaming through tent canvas and the sound of waves in the distance. I hiked hills that overlooked lakes and forests and felt overwhelmed by the beauty of nature and the wildness of the world. I never wanted to lose that feeling.

When I returned to my home in Yorkshire, England, I was left with an ache in my chest and a yearning in my heart to be back out exploring; to be on the road, on the run, living simply and wildly and free. So I did. At every opportunity, I loaded my car with boots and tents and a brown and white Trailhound and headed out to explore parts of my own country I'd never seen before. I remember my first trip to the Lake District. I got that same feeling in my body as when I'd been 3000 miles from home.

I want other people to explore what we have here in the UK: the valleys and moors, pikes and peaks; the lovely little villages and cosy pubs; the wild tarns and sparkling lochs. That's what Ramble is about - guiding people to the places that overwhelm you, to the nature and wild spaces that leave you breathless. Places that you don't need to travel 12 hours through the sky to reach, but that are perhaps just 2 hours from your own front door."

Athena J. Mellor, Founder of Ramble Guides

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